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Final Report:

Project duration: 01/2006–12/2009
Total costs: € 13.962.116
Contribution MUW:
The Medical University of Vienna acted as a project partner led by Prof. Dr. Irene Lang, Clinical Department of Internal Medicine II, Division of Cardiology.
Project coordinator was Prof. Dr. Werner Seeger, Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, Germany.
Consortium: 31 Partners

Pulmonary Hypertension: Functional Genomics and Therapy of Lung Vascular Remodelling

Funded under the European Commission's Sixth Framework Programme (FP6), PULMOTENSION has characterised a number of different molecular mechanisms underlying the dramatic remodelling processes in the lung vasculature, which result in an increase in vascular resistance by more than one order of magnitude. To this end, genetics, functional genomics, and proteomics have been combined with cell culture studies, experimental pulmonary hypertension animal models, and analysis of clinical tissue bank material.